Transposon Insertion Polymorphism Database

Developed by Plant Phytophthora Interaction Laboratory

SoyTIPdb provides soybean transposon and insertion polymorphism resource

† Feature

The first soybean transposon insertion polymorphism resource 

SoyTIPdb is the first soybean transposon insertion polymorphism database including structural variants (SVs) caused by the mobilization of transposon elements that play important roles in genomic variation and evolution. The utility of SVs in the SoyTIPdb database can better identify loci underlying domestication and improvement traits.

Representing the most comprehensive genetic diversity of soybean 

A total of 5,521 soybean accessions with high-quality sequencing data from 45 countries and 160 regions were compiled to build SoyTIPdb. It represents the most comprehensive genetic diversity resource of soybean so far. The features of geographical origin, variety type and sequencing information can be conveniently available in SoyTIPdb.

Genome selective signature 

To help users explore the contribution of transposon insertion polymorphism among different populations, SoyTIPdb provides genomic selective signatures tests for three populations of cultivar, landrace and wild, as well as populations from different countries.

Visualization of genomic context 

JBrowse is integrated into SoyTIPdb to support users explore gene structures and transposon insertion polymorphisms in genomic context. By selecting tracks of concerned accessions, users can intuitivedly observe the differences of transposon insertion in a specific genomic region and affects of transposon insertion on genes.

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SoyTipBase: A soybean transposon insertion polymorphisms database. bioRxiv, 2023.

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